8.00 – 8.30  Breakfast and clearing up

8.45   Meeting to allocate tasks for the day

9.00 – 1.00   Morning work with a 15 minute tea break at 10.45

1.00 – 2.00   Lunch and clearing up

2.00 – 4.00   Afternoon work

4.00 – 4.15 Tea break

4.15 – 5.00  Clear up tools, tidy rooms

7.00  Supper and clearing up

Volunteer application form


We are open to volunteers from April 1st till mid September.  While we try to give each person a whole range of experiences, there are some activities that we focus on at different times of year. We can never be precise about the work you will be doing but the calendar may give you an idea.

MARCH   Woodland work, firewood collecting, path clearance, tree planting, willow cutting, coppicing. Preparing the gardens for spring planting, planting up polytunnels, planting seed trays in glasshouse, Feeding animals. Prepare fields for lambing. Putting up yurts. Repair fences.

APRIL   Lambing. Planting up gardens.  Sowing potatoes. Bee inspection

MAY   Foot trimming sheep. Care of gardens. Care of lambs

JUNE   Shearing. Care of gardens

JULY    Hay making. Eco tourism. Care of gardens. Hedge trimming

AUGUST   Ecotourism. Harvesting, food processing and storage. Care of gardens

SEPTEMBER   Courses, gatherings. Fencing. Harvesting, food processing. Closing hives

OCTOBER   Taking down yurts.  Preparing gardens for winter. Fencing

NOVEMBER   Fencing. Tidying fields. Woodland work, coppicing, hedge laying.  Processing firewood. Building projects. Foot trimming sheep

Many things – like building projects – will run throughout the season.  To see what is on in the current season, click on the news pages