Get Involved

PLEASE NOTE  In 2020 we will not be open to volunteering for 9 months of the year as usual, though we will be running the internship programme.  We will be open for limited periods with specific tasks – see events page for details.  We still welcome enquiries from potential volunteers with very specific skills that could benefit the project and from old friends who have volunteered in the past.

Are you interested  in volunteering? Learning new skills, being out in all weathers, meeting new people, living close to the land?  If you are fit, curious about life, hardworking, self motivated, enjoy physical labour and being outdoors then maybe you would enjoy working with us. It’s hard work and simple living, but every day is different and you’ll  have a chance to use your imagination and explore the things that could bring purpose to your life.

Details of Volunteering

Volunteers come for between one and three weeks. They are of all ages and from all backgrounds, some skilled and some not.  They will do a whole variety of tasks and get a good feeling for the many aspects of life on the land.  For those who want to specialise or stay a bit longer we offer internships in a whole range of subjects – interns stay between 3 and 9 months.

Details of Internships