Our Vision

Old Chapel Farm is an adventure in living. At a time when the gap between rural and urban life is ever widening and people are increasingly divorced from the very basic processes of existence – like the growth of food and creation of shelter – we aim to  bridge the divide.  A bridge stretching back to the places where we can rediscover the beauty of the wilderness within ourselves as well as learning some very practical skills . A bridge reaching forwards into a newer, more sustainable way of being in a rapidly changing and highly populated world.

Connection is at the heart of our work. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things. Our aim is to bring together diverse people so that, by working together, we keep our minds open. We want to know that cooperation is more powerful than competition, that there are things worth striving for in life that are greater than ourselves.  That creating beauty and purpose has more value than economic drive. That it is good to dream. We want to create such a hunger for the earth we live in and all its creatures, that we will each take our small part in shaping its future.

OUR MISSION is to build a farm with is both a rich collection of habitats where wildlife can thrive and a showcase for sustainable living. Education is at the heart of our life on the land and we try to keep alive traditional rural crafts and practices. We live together as an ever changing and transient community. At Old Chapel Farm strangers come together from all over the world, working and sharing together.