The Farm

The farm is a place of constant change.  people come and go, the daily drama of the land and all its creatures is played out, the seasons run their course across our lives. We have great inspirations – and we have disasters. It is easier to feel the pulse of life more keenly when it is so entwined with the the land’s narrative.

On the farm we have a whole history of sheep farming. We have been sheep farmers on this hill for ever – how many can say they are still doing the same job  there predecessors were doing here 5’000 years ago?!


Our cows are pivotal in our lives. They are the rhythm that orders days and they provide us with rich creamy sustenance! 

In our gardens and poly tunnels we grow most of our own vegetables – a challenge with frosts persisting till mid June.

Our woodlands are managed to provide fuel for our heating system, fencing materials and building timbers for our various projects.

We enjoy building! The farmhouse was the first challenge, it was empty for 40 years before we found it and its restoration was a true labour of love.