The INTERNSHIP programme 2016 was the first we ran. It was brilliant! The interns brought so much to the place, with all their enthusiasm and research and imagination. They improved our practices in every area, taught the volunteers and – I hope – all learned a lot too in their subjects and had the chance to work with each other.

We ran internships in; Countryside management, Cheesemaking and Dairy, Wine making and Fermentation, Beekeeping, Natural Building, Web Design, Experimental Archaeology and Tanning.

We will be running a new programme from March 2018 – posts will be advertised.  The first internships we will be filling are;

CARPENTRY  Training will be given by a professional timber framed builder in the restoration and erection of a 17th century barn. It’s a crucial building for our Stone Age Project  – a base to work from and a visitors centre

GARDENING   The gardener will supervise volunteers in the Old Chapel gardens, providing fresh food for all who work there …none is sold

EXPERIMENTAL ARCHAEOLOGY   The intern will need skills in green wood working and plenty of practical experience but does not necessarily need to be an archaeologist. He will contribute to the building of our stone age settlement – especially the tannery project

FILM MAKING   The film maker will have the chance to film and edit some small films on different aspects of life here, including designing an audio visual for a stone sculpting exhibition

ECOTOURISM   A chance for someone interested in setting up their own business in the field to run and develop a small enterprise for 3 months

SHEEP HANDLING and COUNTRYSIDE MANAGEMENT   Training will be given in a number of skills depending on time of year – from lambing to hedge laying



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