Stone sculptures by Kevin Blockley MRBS

I have been working with stone since the early 1990s when I was directing an archaeological project in Canterbury Cathedral. Since then my work has evolved from medieval-style sculptures to forms based on the natural world and organic forms.

A recent series was based on ‘art of the invisible’ taking influences from diatoms, pollen, plankton and seeds.

invisble-element    diatom    feverfew

beginnings        radiolaria      diatom-digits

I have also been preparing a 2m tall Prehistoric stone axe for display in a garden in south Wales. A maquette of the sculpture is shown below in Madale fossile limestone alogside one of my standing stones in Forest of Dean sandstone with gilding.

ritual-object-maquette         om

Over the next few months I will be developing a theme influenced by black holes and dark matter.

Further examples of my work are shown on my sculpture web site kevinblockleysculpture