Get Involved

We are in the early stages of building this site. It is the first of its kind in Britain.  If you have skills, in any prehistoric arts, experimental archaeology, thatching,  green woodwork or carpentry/building and want to be involved, please contact us.  We want as many people as possible to have an input into the project and use it as a resource.  There will be designated working weeks for volunteers during the year but it is also possible for skilled people to camp on the site or live with us on the farm at other times.

Every year we will be offering  internships in experimental archaeology for volunteers wanting to stay with us for a minimum of three months. This will be largely practical but will involve an element of research, a chance to immerse yourself in a subject that you feel passionate about or want time to explore. Subjects can be suggested by the applicant. They can be anything that will add to the development of the project – such as pottery , textiles, livestock , project management, environmental archaeology. Suggested internships this year – wood carving (pillars for next build), cereal growing and processing, Decoration and furnishing of a Neolithic house, Gate construction, flint tool making.

Residential volunteers will be living at Old Chapel Farm – and travelling daily up to the site, a couple of miles away. Full board and lodging is offered in exchange for help. This year (2020) we are cladding and fitting out our reconstructed 17th/18th century barn as a visitors centre and would love the help of experienced carpenters and builders.

We welcome the participation of local people and will eventually be able to accommodate weekend volunteers. Last  year we  started a weekly Wednesday volunteer group for any local people – skilled or unskilled, young or old. This runs from April till December 10.00 – 4.00.  On these days you may be preparing materials – heather collecting, coppicing, splitting oak, or helping to construct buildings or fences, thatching or daubing. You could be cooking over the fire or helping to develop our Neolithic garden and cereal plots. Come and join us and be a part of our very diverse group to create something special!

If you would like to be involved in any way please contact our residential archaeologist, Dr Kevin Blockley at the address below.

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