Our Vision

To build a settlement, based on archaeological excavations and our understanding of the New stone Age or Neolithic period – around three to five thousand years ago in this part of the world. To develop it as an exciting educational resource to be used by experimental archaeologists, students, schools and many others. To enable participants on the project to live it, getting their hands plastered in mud, sleeping on skins, cooking over fires, working with livestock, tending crops, exploring possibilities.

We believe that this work could be important in many ways. History gives us a sense of perspective that helps to put our lives and culture in context. Living with only the natural resources around us to provide for all our needs, makes us use our imaginations and become attuned to our environment in quite a different way. We will be practising some very ancient and almost forgotten crafts. We hope that involvement in this project will bring to its participants a sense of community, achievement, inspiration and revelation that can be carried into their every day lives.

Today we live in a time of transition, in a rapidly changing world with many uncertainties. This generation has a momentous task ahead –  to lead us into a sustainable future, back into balance with our world. What better place to reflect, than at the very beginnings, the point where we begun to shape the land.