Leather Tanning course

April 7th – 12th 2018


This is a detailed course in brain tanning.

We will be beginning with a raw deer skin, and you’ll take home a soft, wearable, brain tanned buckskin.

During this 5 day course we’ll go through every step of the process in detail so that you can take this skill home with you along with your buckskin. (scraping, dressing, softening and smoking). The focus will be on finishing a whole hide each. Buckskin is a very special material, soft enough to use as clothing it has been used across many cultures and continents for millennia.

Brain tanning is a wonderful introduction to tanning. As you soften a skin you really come to understand how the fibres of skin work (something you can’t learn in a book- you have to do it!). This is then transferable to other tanning techniques such as bark tanning and other skins such as sheep, rabbits, foxes etc.

Hide tanning is a physical activity and to make your skin soft will require hard work and perseverance.
The harder you work, the softer the leather becomes. You do not need to be extremely fit or have lots of physical strength, just enthusiasm and energy to work hard on the hide. Its extremely rewarding!

Participants will make camp on the edge of the beautiful woods here at Old Chapel Farm and we will cook and eat together around the fire.

Jessie and Jane have been working skins and teaching for a number of years. Learning from some very skilled people in America and Sweden and building on this knowledge year by year as they experiment with making leather clothing that is suitable for a British climate.

The whole week is held as an honouring of the incredible animals that we’re lucky enough to be working with.

Price includes all materials, camping and two meals a day. Please bring your own lunches and we will provide hearty breakfasts and dinners, shared together around a roaring fire.

Let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.

Tools and extra deer skins will be available at cost.

Get in touch for more details on janejay71@gmail.com