More about the Trust

The Wilderness Trust  (Registered Charity no, 1011511)  has four aims;

  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement (Creating biodiversity)
  • Education
  • Promotion of the Arts
  • Social Inclusion (Relief of suffering)

The Wilderness Trust was established in 1986 in Shropshire and registered as a charity in 1988 when it moved its base to mid Wales

Services it provides;

  • Provision of a base where all its aims can be integrated,
  • Volunteering opportunities on the land for people interested in all aspects of sustainable living
  • Internship opportunities in land based subjects
  • Education in traditional crafts – especially ancient crafts that are not so much practiced today.
  • A Venue for land based gatherings
  • A unique educational resource to be used by experimental archaeologists, schools, students and all those interested in the origins of agriculture.
  • Managing land to create greater biodiversity – balancing the needs of production and conservation.

Current projects that it is seeking funding for in 2017;

  • The reconstruction of a Neolithic tannery £1,000
  • The reconstruction of an oak framed barn (Phase 1) – a base for the Out of Eden Project £11,000


                   Frances Blockley,  Kevin Blockley, Freya Blockley, Dave Darby, Sharon Girardi, Rosa James, Ursula Freeman, Rob Rowe,  Amrit Sachar, Adrian Thorius,