More about the Trust

The Wilderness Trust  (Registered Charity no, 1011511) believes that when people make deeper connections with the natural world, it increases both their sense of wellbeing and their desire to care for our environment, creating a healthier, happier planet.

There are four strands to its work;

  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement (Creating biodiversity)
  • Education
  • Promotion of the Arts
  • Social Inclusion (Relief of suffering)

The Wilderness Trust was established in 1986 in Shropshire and registered as a charity in 1988 when it moved its base to mid Wales

Services it provides;

  • Provision of a base where all its aims can be integrated,
  • Volunteering opportunities on the land for people interested in all aspects of sustainable living
  • Internship opportunities in land based subjects
  • Education in traditional crafts – especially ancient crafts that are not so much practiced today.
  • A Venue for land based gatherings
  • A unique educational resource to be used by experimental archaeologists, schools, students and all those interested in the origins of agriculture.
  • Managing land to create greater biodiversity – balancing the needs of production and conservation.


                   Frances Blockley,  Kevin Blockley, Freya Blockley, Dave Darby, Sharon Girardi, Rosa James, Ursula Freeman, Rob Rowe,  Amrit Sachar, Adrian Thorius,