The Hanging Garden Project

This project has grown so fast that a new website specifically for the Hanging Gardens will be launched in January 2022 – link to be available soon!

With all the difficulties that 2020 has brought us has come a great opportunity. The world has experienced a reflective pause and most of us have had a moment to think about the things that are most important to us. This project celebrates some of those things.

As we build the road to recovery, we have a unique, once in a generation chance – to build it back better. This project is about bringing people together, people with ideas and skills and experience and energy. This project honours some of the organisations and individuals, here on our doorstep, who are doing small things to make a difference, so that we can feel the collective power we have when we work together.

We are happy to announce that the Community Foundation Wales has given us a grant of £1,000 to work on the entrance to Bethel Hall. Work will begin in August 2020. This is a really special moment and we are so grateful to the funders for backing our idea.

The Hanging Garden is the first stage of the project at Bethel Street. The idea is to create an indoor garden in the back extension and link it to new toilets in the back of the chapel, providing basic services. This first project celebrates the Natural World and our relationship with it. We are currently looking for funding.

The Trust is delighted to say that it has received grants of £10,000 from the National Lottery Communities Fund and £50,000 from the Welsh Governments Land Disposals Tax Communities Scheme towards this project!! Work will begin in September 2020. We are all so excited that this dream is beginning to take on flesh. A Massive thank you to our funders for giving us this chance.

Beneath the concrete – could this be part of the original Bethel Chapel?

Work begins………….