Yurt and Wagon Holidays

If you are looking for a simple family holiday or quiet escape with a partner, the yurts or wagon will give you a degree of ease and comfort while still keeping you close to the basics – starlit skies, space and freedom, cooking over wood fires, peace, beauty and closeness to nature. Not fit for the glampers but perfect for those wanting a down to earth experience on a fascinating hill sheep farm and with a curiosity about the natural world and our heritage. Great for kids with a sense of adventure who want to run wild or for adults who want to learn more about sustainable living .

We have three yurt sites available on the farm, each set in its own private location. You can book them from Mondays to Fridays or Fridays to Mondays or for a whole week (Starting Monday or Friday). The wagon is new and has no calendar yet . You can book it on any day  for £50 – but it works out much cheaper if you book for a week.


then email us to reserve the slot if it’s available.  The place will be held for 5 days for you to fill out the BOOKING FORM, and pay the deposit.

          Welsh yurts                                                             Orange yurt                 

Welsh yurts

Orange yurt





Click on the photos to get more details of each yurt

Goods Wagon

You will cook and eat in Merlin’s bus. It is a 50m walk from most of the yurts, kitted out with everything you will need for cooking, electricity, charging points, fridge and more.

There are hot showers and toilets in the farmyard, or compost loos and a solar shower near the bus.